Contractor van der Straaten started the next phase of the construction of the Tidal Technology Center Grevelingendam (TTC-GD) on the 7th of June. General manager Leonard Pekaar gave the go-ahead for the pouring of concrete at almost six meters below sea level, at the bottom of the Grevelingen. The contractor is building the TTC-GD on behalf of BT Projects.

The TTC-GD is a technology center that offers water turbine developers opportunities to test, certify, validate and demonstrate their technologies in a realistic environment. It is the first location in the world where onshore – accessible and affordable – large-scale tidal and river turbines can be installed. This is an important step for the development of sustainable hydropower worldwide.

The construction of the TTC-GD at the Flakkeese Spuisluis in the Grevelingen was resumed with steel work in April 2019 after the winter break. An impressive construction has been completed, and concrete can now be poured into the flow channels. This construction phase is expected to be completed around October 1, 2019.

Van der Straaten
Contractor van der Straaten renowned as a contractor on the border of land and water. The company holds more than hundred years of experience in geotechnics, foundation engineering, hydraulic engineering, civil engineering and infrastructure. Project manager Richard Goetheer is one of the approximately 100 professionals of this Zeeland company. He is proud that Van der Straaten plays a major role in the realization of TTC-GD. ,, All disciplines of our company come into full fruit. Here we can show what we are made off. “