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Doesburg Hydropower

A weir in the Oude IJssel river creates the perfect conditions for a hydropower facility (HPF) with the potential to power about 500 households. BT Projects is a member of the consortium that is building the HPF, which is expected to be completed in 2018. We have also helped form the community cooperative that will own it.


The Dutch town of Doesburg has some 12,500 inhabitants and is situated on the Oude IJssel, a tributary of the river Ijssel, which itself is a branch of the Rhine.

With the project ‘Doesburg’, water authority ‘Rijn and IJssel’ (WRIJ) has chosen to actively support the development of river energy. This is the first project in a series over the coming years.

The project is backed by a consortium of companies. These include Deepwater-Energy, Anacon, Pasman Motors, Siemens, Team TVA, Renoble, Rescoop and BT Projects. With the idea being to develop river energy for and on behalf of the residents of Doesburg. BT Projects established a cooperative (WKC Doesburg – water power system Doesburg) to own the installation.


Two hydropower turbines measuring 5 metres wide

Expected output of 500 kW, supplied by two Oryon Watermill turbines of 250 kW each. This is sufficient to power 500 households.


Power output

The Oryon Watermill has been developed by Deepwater-Energy from an idea by founding partner Jaap Ory. Deepwater-Energy aims to offer an affordable and fish-friendly technology to capture energy from rivers and tides. The Oryon’s simple and robust construction ensures low construction and operating costs, and so a low cost of energy (LCOE).

After testing various prototypes at independent Dutch research institute Deltares, MARIN (Marine Research Institute Netherlands) and under real-life conditions in the Rhine and Oude Ijssel, the Doesburg river energy system will serve as the large-scale demonstrator.

Fish-friendly innovation

The Oryon Watermill employs an innovative design that allows fish to pass through it unharmed. It is the first of its kind to be used in a Dutch waterway, and several water authorities in the Netherlands have expressed an interest in it because of its fish-friendly design.

Showcasing platform

When completed, the Doesburg facility will be a showcase project for both innovative, fish-friendly technology and using water power for sustainable energy. Both could have benefits for other local communities and water authorities throughout the Netherlands and beyond.


The cooperative was established in January 2016 and the project is expected to go live in 2018.


The Doesburg Energy Exploitation Committee comprises:

  • A cooperative of BT Projects and Deepwater-Energy – project owner
  • Deepwater-Energy – turbine manufacturer
  • WKC (water power system) Doesburg – intended owner
  • Waterschap Rijn & IJssel – location owner
  • Siemens – generator
  • Pasman Motoren – construction
  • Renoble – funding consultant
  • Team TVA – communications
  • Anacon Infra – project lead

Role of BT Projects

BT Projects is a financial partner and provides support and/ or management relating to:

  • Creation of the business case and business plan
  • Financing
  • Performance warranty (insured output warranty)

Waterkrachtcentrala Doesburg

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