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Brouwersdam Tidal Quintet

The Delta Works confirmed the Dutch as the world’s water management experts. Today, an oxygen-starved former sea inlet (Grevelingenmeer) and the Brouwersdam sea defence present an opportunity to reaffirm Dutch mastery of water management with another world first: an innovative array of tidal energy technologies with an output of 100 MW – enough to power 10,000 households.


The Brouwersdam is a major component in the Delta Works storm surge barrier system that defends the southwest of the country from the North Sea. One unfortunate side effect of the dam’s construction is that it has significantly depleted the oxygen levels in the former Grevelingen inlet (now renamed Grevelingenmeer). This has led to European court rulings ordering the restoration of the water quality. The optimal solution involves creating a gateway in the dam to reintroduce a tidal current.


As part of this, the Dutch government is researching the possibility of adding a tidal energy facility to the gateway. One option is to install just a single conventional array. However, we believe that the international profile of the Delta Works calls for a bold and innovative approach involving multiple tidal energy technologies. This would unite the Dutch tidal energy industry and reaffirm Dutch mastery of water management.


Tidal Quintet

BT Projects is working to install an array that allows five innovative tidal energy technologies to be placed side by side. This Tidal Quintet (or Quartet if scaled back to four installations, which is another option) would complement the nearby TTC-GD by providing a natural and larger step up. And while the technologycenter is mainly meant to serve as a testing ground, the primary role of the Brouwersdam Tidal Quintet would be to produce energy.

Global showcase

Placing a series of five tidal energy technologies side-by-side would be a world first, providing the Netherlands with a demonstration platform to showcase internationally the finest tidal energy products from the Dutch tidal energy industry.

Power output

Extrapolating the development of turbine technology, the envisioned Brouwersdam Tidal Quintet could have a production capacity of up to 100 MW – enough to supply 100,000 households with renewable energy. This would be the highest output from tidal energy anywhere in the world today.


Rijkswaterstaat, the Dutch Executive Agency for Infrastructure and the Environment, plans to open the Brouwersdam tidal gate in 2020. This provides us with a unique opportunity to execute this innovative solution.


Be a part of it?

BT Projects invites interested parties to join the effort to construct a world-leading Tidal Quintet array as part of the Brouwersdam tidal gate. Want to know more? Contact us for details:

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