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“Energy from water is one of the most predictable sources of sustainable energy available to us and so should be part of the new energy.”

BT Projects is actively involved in furthering the commercialisation of ocean energy. Our aim is to develop and facilitate projects for and on behalf of technology developers, site owners and financial parties, and in so doing lead the market. Company founders Menno Broers and Ferdinand Dees have years of experience in tidal and wave energy, and a proven record of developing elegant renewable energy solutions.

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Informed, invested and impartial

BT Projects creates the connections between the many parties involved – location owners, technology developers and investors – to realise innovative renewable energy projects. As part of this we raise new technologies from the lower technology readiness levels to demonstration and pilot level, with the ultimate goal being commercial roll out. We achieve this through solid business cases, innovative and transparent financing, and professional project management. As BT Projects, we see how our clients and partners can gain from working with an informed, invested and impartial partner. One that helps them reconcile diverging interests and mutual uncertainties, follow the path of least resistance and so reach the most elegant, effective and cost-efficient solution.

Professional development strategies

The market for tidal and wave energy solutions has grown significantly in recent years. Yet tidal and wave projects are often held back by uncertainty and lack of knowledge – irrespective of the ever-better results. A definitive breakthrough rests on support for technologies. BT Projects can supply the support required across technology, product and project development, governance, financing and organisation.

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impartial, informed and invested.

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